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DSU runs in the interactive mode and provides the selected updates along with deployment script.

Note: A Bootable DSU ISO can be made using the Windows version of DSU.

#dsu --inventory     To see the System Inventory DSU allows category based device updates #dsu --get-categories     Gets the supported category values #dsu --category= categories #dsu --non-interactive     DSU supports devices updates in a non-interactive way where all the updatable components will be selected automatically and apply those updates without user intervention.

dsu --apply-upgrades-only     To get the list of only upgradable components dsu --apply-downgrades-only     To get the list of only downgradable components dsu --apply-equivalent-updates     To get the list including equivalent components dsu --update-list= When the type is --destination-type=ISO : DSU runs in the interactive mode and the selected updates are delivered as a bootable ISO. When ISO if used along with --non-interactive : A bootable ISO is created. The repository location should be configured using --config= When the type is --destination-type=CBD : CBD is Custom Bootable DSU.

While running Yast Software Management, I looked at the “Patterns” view.

And I could see that there is now a pattern for XFCE.

I first updated the Leap 15.0 that I had previously installed in a KVM virtual machine.


The below command will provide a command line interface to update firmware #dsu dsu --version Displaying the DSU utility version.

To upgrade OMSA directly using yum, use the instructions in this page (Here) 2) To install Open Manage Server Administrator on Microsoft Windows operating systems, refer the latest Dell Open Manage Server Administrator User’s Guide.



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