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Manually drafting emails, manually drafting SWIFT and manually reconciling in Excel.

The risk for error is high, and the performance of these processes is low — with lots of incidents and therefore hours of post-incident reviews which, from my experience, turn into an act of Congress without ever fixing the source of the problem.

In fact, just the other night, I was feeling this failure.

These have led to some firms reducing their counterparties to reduce the amount of Credit Support Annex (CSA) relationships.3. It seems a rash decision, but it has been seen from our experience with a few clients who have reduced trading in certain products due to them running some rudimentary total cost analysis and recognizing that the total cost of the trade is just too close to that of their potential return.

From my understanding and based on discussion with our clients, most processes were, or still are, being done manually, with multi-layered fragmented processes across teams, functions and locations with multiple manual sign-offs.

Arghh, he’s winning this argument even while he sleeps. Count your blessings in your marriage and in your children.

Talk about it right away with your husband, explain exactly how your feeling. They can’t hear those arguments in our heads or guess what we’re thinking or feeling. Keeping moving forward one step at a time, you will see little successes all the time, remember them or write them down.

From our own analysis and from what we have seen both from other research and the comments at Deriv Ops, approximately 3% to 5% of the market were ready for the new variation margin requirements on March 1, which despite some of the hazy regulatory changes, are now subject to delayed enforcement until September 1.



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