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Since the ancient eras, Erbil has been an administrative, military and commercial centre, maintaining its value and fame.

Hence it is an old city, having names dating back to 4000 BC.

On the water spring gate Sennacherib wrote the following: The most well-known battle was (Arbella) in (331 BC) between Alexander of Macedonia and Dara III, the last Persian Emperor.

Erbil is also designated as the city of Holako's Downfall, because all Holako's attempts to penetrate this city ended to a big failure and finally he pulled out his army (1235 A.

It is also growing quite rapidly as new construction projects are currently underway all over the city.

There is even a modern western-style shopping center (Majidi Mall), a well-equipped international airport and even some nightlife (although I doubt you would travel here for the bar scene).

Rooms cost approximately 20,000 ID and a bed in a share room normally runs 10,000 ID.

Zheen Hotel – Tucked down a small lane off of Bata Street, this is a no-frills hotel with plenty of budget rooms that have private bathrooms and windows. They also have share rooms for around 15,000 ID per bed.

(If this hotel is sold out when you arrive, there are many options on the same street – Bata Street – including the Shakhan Hotel, the Hotel Bekhal and at least 5 other decent options.) Erbil International Hotel (aka “The Sheraton”) – While not officially a Sheraton, it’s local nickname fits given the more upscale atmosphere and expensive rooms.

Samra Miss Hotel – With super-friendly staff and excellent rooms, this place is often sold out, and for good reason.

It’s location is ideal, it’s clean and the prices are reasonable for what you get.

From here, a few minutes walk in any direction will lead you to dozens of more accommodation options. Qandeel Hotel – Directly opposite the main gate of the citadel, this hotel offers okay rooms with television.

Not all rooms have a private bathroom and you do have the option of paying less for a bed in a shared room instead of paying for a private room.

Rooms cost 40,000 ID (single) and 60,000 ID (double).



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